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In loving memory of our


The adventure began on a business trip to Chicago.  I had found on the internet a husky needing rescuing in Ohio.  I recall being out to dinner with a client and the subject came up.  I questioned adopting a dog in Ohio when there are so many dogs that I could get back home in Tampa.  He replied, that dog needs a home also, and you would always be thinking what your life would be like missing this opportunity.  That’s all I needed.  I changed my plans and flew to Ohio.  I pretty much had decided before I ever got there, that I would take the dog.          

Problems arose immediately.  I was unable to get the new dog on the flight home as I was not issued any health certificates.  So off to the car rental agency I went.  I got the car and realized I was driving the wrong way on the interstate of over an hour.  I may have been more frantic than the dog. Yes, it was before GPS’s were widely available.  I could not find a city in Ohio to name the dog, so I went with Juneau.  Juneau was a mess.  She was no doubt an abused dog.  I finally stopped for the night in a motel near Atlanta. I walked Juneau for a good hour outside and she did nothing.  Of course when I came out of the shower there was a mess all over the room.

We finally got home, the rental car was a disaster.  Juneau remained a problem for a good year.  Where Kio (my dog who recently passed) protected my home, Juneau destroyed it.  She was however very non-threatening so I began to take her out.  One night I took her to a concert at Lowery Park.  A beautiful woman fell in love with her, and thus I met Lisa, who was to become my fiancé.  When Juneau and I got in my car, I said to her “You Finally Did Something For me!” I think from that point forward Juneau and I formed a stronger bond.

juneau’S extended Family

More on Each Later


Husky/ Chow Chow Mix – Female


Terrier – Male


Poodle – Male


Husky -Female


Cat – Female


Cat – Male

Juneau was always sweet and friendly to any other cats or dogs we had indoors and out.

Photo Album

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Juneau Hanging out At Fire Pit

Juneau Head Shot

Juneau Head Shot

Juneau On Family Outing

Juneau and her Sister Sheeva

First Mate

Her Favorite Bed

Enjoying the Ride?

A Successful Boarding!


Rest in Peace, Kio.  I never stopped thinking of you.  You changed my life for the better and I will always miss you.  Perhaps by now you have met Juneau at the Rainbow bridge.

The Family


This little tough guy had no eyes, but that never stopped him from being in the action


A delightful smart man!


Cool Cat for sure.  We lost him way to early.


So glad we never found your original owner!


Really do miss your whining


Best Cat Ever

Godspeed my sweet Juneau:

Dear Juneau, I have missed seeing you each day and taking you for the joyous boat rides we shared together.  I am thankful our paths have crossed and I know we are both better for it.  I trust you are out of pain now and rejoying in the world of spirit.  All my love...